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IME Features 100KT of Bitumen

IME Features 100KT of BitumenIME Features 100KT of Bitumen

Iran Mercantile Exchange witnessed the offering of 48,300 tons of various grades of bitumen by Pasargad Oil Company on the oil and petrochemicals board on Monday. The board also saw the offering of 34,100 tons of the same commodity by Jey Oil Refining Company, 2,000 tons by Negin Gam Pars Company and 250 tons by Negin Siyah Azerbaijan Oil Refining Company. Furthermore, 10,000 tons of vacuum batons, 4,000 tons of sulfur, 3,114 tons of polymers and 60 tons of benzene were among other commodities offered on the board. The export trading board featured 14,000 tons of bitumen offered by Memaran Tejarat Aftab Company, Fara Shimi Rooz Company, Parsian Energy Bitumen Industry Company and Northwest RK Refining and Energy Company. The agricultural board showed 4,000 tons of durum wheat, 1,000 tons of soybeans, 1,050 tons of unprocessed vegetable oil, 200 tons of imported rice and 2,000 tons of white sugar. All in all, more than 122,330 tons of goods were offered in IME on Monday.