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Warning on E-Banking Fees

Warning on E-Banking FeesWarning on E-Banking Fees

A member of the Majlis Budget and Planning Commission has called on the Central Bank of Iran to revise “Banking and Monetary Laws” to stop banks from charging extra fees for e-banking services. Mohammad Qasim Osmani said banks will have to pay interest on clients’ debit card deposits if they want to charge them for e-banking services ISNA reported on Saturday. The lawmaker said the Majlis would intervene if the CBI remains indifference to the violations by banks. “E-banking services are supposed to serve the people, but they have turned into a source of income for banks,” he said. He pointed to charging clients for “ordinary banking services” like checking the balance or transferring money within the ‘SHETAB’ system as unacceptable. “Electronic banking is beneficial for the banks even without charging extra.”