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IME Features 130KT of Goods

IME Features 130KT of Goods IME Features 130KT of Goods

Iran Mercantile Exchange saw the offering of 65,000 tons of bloom ingots by Khuzestan Steel Company on the Industrial and Mining board on Tuesday.

The board also witnessed the offering of 200 tons of zinc ingots of 99.97% purity, 900 tons of zinc ingots of 99.98% purity, 100 tons of zinc ingots of 99.99% purity, 2,000 tons of alloy ingots and 300 tons of billets by IRALCO, in addition to 30 kg of gold bars by Mouteh Mine.

Meanwhile, about 55,000 tons and 34,000 tons of bitumen were offered by Pasargad Oil Company and Jey Oil Refining Company on the oil and petrochemical board, which also featured 16,000 tons of vacuum batons, 9,000 tons of lube cuts, 19,870 tons of chemicals and 280 tons of argon.

The agricultural board saw the offering of more than 16,000 tons of corn, 1,050 tons of unprocessed vegetable oil, 5,000 tons of wheat, 1,000 tons of soybeans, 200 tons of rice and 120 tons of cotton seed.

Overall, some 130,000 tons of goods were offered on IME spot market on Wednesday.