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Bank Saderat to Cover Mizan’s Debts

Bank Saderat to Cover Mizan’s DebtsBank Saderat to Cover Mizan’s Debts

Mousa Reza Servati, member of the Majlis Planning and Budget Commission,

said Monday that Bank Saderat will undertake Mizan credit institution’s

financial responsibilities. Servati said that the Money and Credit Council had

approved the takeover, AkhbarBank website reported. After Parliament’s

Deputy Speaker, Mohammad Hossein Aboutorabi’s visit to North Khorasan

Province, a meeting was held in the presence of Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani,

where lawmakers approved the measure. The CEO of Bank Saderat also

confirmed the news in a phone call, Servati said. Saderat is a private lender

and in 2015 was named as the best Iranian lender and was placed among the

world’s top 1,000 banks.