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IFX Extends Pullback

IFX Extends PullbackIFX Extends Pullback

More than 303 million securities were traded in 13,232 transactions valued at $45.65 million at Iran Fara Bourse with the benchmark falling down 9.88 points or 1.4% to close at 696.16. According to IFB, Isfahan Steel Company with up to 6.68 million shares valued at $315,362 registered the highest daily trade volume and value. Arman Insurance Company, EN Investment Company and Shirvan Sugar Company saw the highest rise in their shares’ value. Taknar Copper Company, Shiraz Oil Refining Company and Isfahan Steel Company posted the highest retreat. Etemad Fund once again registered the highest daily trade volume among listed exchange-traded funds. RighTel Company’s 130,000 leasing bonds recorded the highest trade volume at the Fixed-Income Market. Lia Company, Tehran Oil Refining Company, Isfahan Steel Company, Bank Day, Iranian Petrochemical Investment Company and Tuka Rail were on investors’ radar.