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No Plan to Raise Mehr Housing Prices

No Plan to Raise Mehr Housing PricesNo Plan to Raise Mehr Housing Prices

There is no plan to increase prices of the subsidized Mehr public housing units the deputy minister for roads and urban development said. Ahmad Asqari Mehrabadi said the 21,000 low-priced houses built in Pardis in east Tehran will be delivered with improved infrastructure, the ministry website reported. He referred to the deadline for applicants to pay the initial cost of their units and said, “Revenues from land sales, bank loans and applicants’ initial capital will help fill the budget gaps.” No directive has been issued for increasing the prices and buyers will not be charged for infrastructure development,” he said. Earlier, Mohsen Nariman, another deputy minister of roads and urban development had said that Mehr housing prices might have to be raised in the new cities, particularly Pardis, according to a directive he claimed was issued by the former government whose term ended in the summer of 2013.