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Aluminum Dropped Ceiling Offers Opportunities

Aluminum Dropped Ceiling Offers OpportunitiesAluminum Dropped Ceiling Offers Opportunities

It is about two decades that dropped ceiling has turned into a key building component of modern construction in both residential and commercial applications.

Dropped ceiling which is also known as false ceiling and suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. This may be done for aesthetic purposes, such as achieving a desirable ceiling height, or practical purposes such as sound damping or providing space for piping.

Forsat-e Emrooz daily published Monday a report on aluminum dropped ceiling and the unique investment opportunities in its manufacture.

Environmental factors and integration with the building’s infrastructure such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as low cost of its construction are other advantages of using dropped ceiling. Wood, chalk, PVC, colored metals, aluminum, glass, iron, and composite are the main materials dropped ceiling are made from.

Players of the sector believe that the aluminum needed in this industry is readily available domestically. This makes it more economically viable for investors to tap into local resources. In fact, those who have sought foreign aluminum in hopes of getting high quality material have had to pay dearly at times, but then headed back to the local raw materials.

The main components of aluminum dropped ceiling are aluminum sheets which are formed and shaped by roll forming machines and then water rinsed and painted in specials tubs. The whole process is carried out in six tubs.

At first, they are left in hot water for 15 minutes to get rid of grease and then soaked in room temperature water and cold water for 5 minutes each. To make the aluminum corrosion resistant, an acidic chromium composition is applied on their surface in the fourth tub and once again they should be rinsed by cold water. Chromium conversion coatings provide excellent retention of subsequent coatings and produce an acceptable surface. During the final stage hot air is blown to the coated surface of the aluminum and finally they are painted and packaged.

A finish can be applied to ceilings of different places such as restaurants, retail locations, professional offices or any establishment that might benefit from having an attractive ceiling. They can even be used in public places like airports or railroads. Swimming pools, saunas, amphitheaters and conference halls would also benefit the soundproofing feature of dropped ceiling.

Some 30 billion rials (about $1 million), 5,000 square meters of land and 20 employees, including mechanics, technicians and workers, are required to set up a factory with a capacity of making 2,000 tons of this profit-making product on a yearly basis.

Experts of the field recount numerous benefits of dropped ceiling made of aluminum. The clutter of ducts, plumbing, wiring and cables, and other mechanical systems at home can be easily hidden by a dropped ceiling, yet remain accessible for repairs. They offer superior acoustic properties to absorb sound, so surrounding rooms are quieter. Also they are resistant to mold, bacteria, and sagging. They can even be used in areas where high humidity is present, such as the bathroom. The insulating effect of dropped ceiling helps lower home heating or cooling bills to boot.