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300KT of Goods Offered in IME Spot Market

300KT of Goods Offered in IME Spot Market300KT of Goods Offered in IME Spot Market

Close to 51,000 tons of vacuum bottoms from four local suppliers were offered on Iran Mercantile Exchange’s oil and petrochemical trading floor on Sunday.

As IME reported, the floor also registered the offering of 62,300 tons of various grades of bitumen and 19,000 tons of lube-cut oil.

The export trading floor played host to 440 tons of bitumen and 240 tons of roof insulation.

Around 4,000 tons of copper cathodes at the base price of 170,298 rials per kg, 3,500 tons of copper wire priced at 177,576 rials per kg, 20,000 tons of low-graded copper, 140 tons of molybdenum sulfur and 18 tons of precious metals concentrate from Iran Copper Industrial Company were supplied on the industrial and mining trading floor. Moreover, 270 tons of copper wire from World Copper Company at the base price of 178,126 rials per kg, 70,000 tons of steel section C, 50,000 tons of bloom from Khuzestan Steel Company, 3,345 tons of rebar bundles from Isfahan Steel Company and 2,000 tons of aluminum ingots of 99.7% purity from Hormozal Company were offered on the same floor.

Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor witnessed the offering of 5,000 tons of wheat, 2,000 tons of white sugar, 2,000 tons of virgin vegetable oil, 465 tons of corn and 130 tons of rice.

Overall, about 300,000 tons of commodities were offered in a bustling trading day in IME spot market.