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Banking Confab to Welcome Global Players

Banking Confab to Welcome Global Players
Banking Confab to Welcome Global Players

The second biennial international conference on banking industry and global economy (ICOBIGE) with a focus on banking systems and emerging economic environment is to be held on October 21-22, in Oil Industry Research Center in Tehran. The conference is to host prominent national and international figures from Europe and America.

Among the notable faces are Professor Michael Mainelli, who is Emeritus Gresham professor of commerce and fellow at Gresham College in London. He won a 1996 Foresight Challenge award for visualizing risk in the Financial Laboratory, a 2003 UK Smart Award for prediction software, and was 2004/2005 British Computer Society “Director of the Year”. He has written more than 40 articles and 3 books on accounting and risk management and has cooperated in several other books including Clean Business Cuisine and The Price of Fish. He is also the Chairman of Z/Yen, a commercial think-tank, which he cofounded in 1994 and has served in the UK ministry of defense.

Frank-Jürgen Richter, a German entrepreneur and former director of World Economic Forum in Davos from 2001 to 2004 has also accepted to take part in the event. He holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) after studying business administration and mechanical engineering in Germany, France and Japan. He is an active scholar and has authored and edited 37 books and numerous articles on global strategy and Asian business, among which “Redesigning Asian Business: in the Aftermath of Crisis” and “Strategic Networks: The Art of Japanese Inter-firm Cooperation” is noteworthy. He is currently the Chairman of Horasis, a Zurich-based international organization committed to enact visions for a sustainable future - building it into today’s global platform for cooperation between emerging and developed markets.

Neil Frank Osborn, another guest at the conference, has since 1990 been the publisher and managing director of Euromoney, an English-language monthly magazine. With the worldwide circulation of 25,000 editions, the magazine focuses on business and finance covering global banking, macroeconomics and capital markets, including debt and equity. Osborn holds a degree from Worcester College, Oxford, Great Britain. He has also served as the board member of RBC Information System affiliated to Russian stock exchange. Since 2010, he has been the director of RBC, a large media group, that established the first and only economic TV channel in Russia called RBC TV in 2003.

Mike Jackson, an executive with the Middle East and Africa branch of Bank of America is also attending the conference. He has directed customer service department of CitiBank for 13 years and is one of the known global faces in banking. He holds a doctorate degree in business administration from Hampton University in England and has authored numerous financial and banking articles.

The second ICOBIGE is to address opportunities and bottlenecks in banking sector, economic developments and overseas finance and investment.

The conference will also consider the present situation of global economy with a focus on the banking sector performance. Among other topics expected to be discussed in the event are: the role of banks in financing economic projects, desired composition of Iranian banks, foreign investment opportunities and challenges in new era, the need for closer attention to e-banking in light of competition among commercial banks, modern banking prospect with a focus on branch-free banks and cash-free society, digital banking in 21st century, and implementation of usury-free banking system.