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IME Offers 55KT of Iron Ore for Export

IME Offers 55KT of Iron Ore for ExportIME Offers 55KT of Iron Ore for Export

Gol Gohar Iron Ore Complex offered 55,000 tons of granulated iron ore at the base price of $28 per ton on Iran Mercantile Exchange’s export trading floor on Wednesday.

As IME reported, the floor also played host to around 26,000 tons of various grades of bitumen, 5,000 tons of granulated sulfur and 840 tons of roof insulation.

The industrial and mining trading floor featured 8,800 tons of rebar bundles A3-10 and 14, 4,400 tons of mixed rebar bundles, 1,099 tons of rebar A3 and 14, 3,300 tons of hot-rolled steel sheet C as well as 2,200 tons of metallurgical coke. Mouteh Gold Complex offered 50 kg of gold bullions on this floor.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor witnessed the offering of 22,739 tons of chemicals, 83,000 tons of bitumen, 10,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 1,000 tons of granulated sulfur and 280 tons of liquefied gas.

Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor recorded the offering of 4,500 tons of unprocessed soybean oil, 5,000 tons of wheat, 2,000 tons of soybean meal flakes, 700 tons of sugar and 130 tons of rice.

In sum, more than 236,000 tons of commodities were supplied in IME’s spot market.