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Plans to Create Cities in Southern Iran

Plans to Create Cities in Southern IranPlans to Create Cities in Southern Iran

New Towns Development Company has detailed a set of plans seeking to develop “new cities” in Mokran coastlines—a Persian term referring to the coastlines of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development’s website reported this week.

“There are no permanent residents in these areas although huge industrial facilities are located in the northern parts of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman”, the website quoted Habibollah Taherkhani, an NTDC’s board member, as saying.

He added that despite the significant residential capacities in the region, many specialists frequently travel from their home towns to Asalouyeh Special Zone, Bushehr Province, for work.

He also unveiled another plan to develop a new city called “Teece” near Chabahar Port.

“The plan is waiting for the final approval,” he said.

“About 4,000 hectares of lands have been dedicated for this purpose. Hundreds of jobs will be created in Teece as the town is expected to have tourism and entertainment attractions.”

Outlining other ongoing projects by the NTDC, he said efforts are underway to finalize the location of another town, Koushk, in Parsian Speicial Free Zone. The new city, also near Asalouyeh, will be built in a 12,000-hectare land mainly to meet part of the energy demand of Asalouyeh.

Experts are also working to find a location for Kharazmi, another new town planned to serve as a residential area for labor force employed in industrial parks located along Mashhad-Garmsar road, he said.

An 8,000-hectare energy-intensive region in Lamerd, Fars Province, and a new town in Jask are among other projects on NTDC’s agenda. The latter is a potential residential location given the ongoing energy industries and oil projects underway  in the neighboring cities.

Earlier, NTDC’s Managing Director Mohsen Nariman announced that his company was designing new towns in cooperation with domestic and foreign consultants.

The company has tried to use private sector capacities in the development of new cities. “Shahriar” in Tabriz and “Iranian” located between Markazi and Tehran provinces are two examples, he said.

Among the plans being studied or designed by the company, Nariman also referred to Houra, Siraf, Tabnak, Parsian, Pars and Sharifabad.