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Banking Ads Should Have Public Appeal

Banking Ads Should Have Public AppealBanking Ads Should Have Public Appeal

A private bank official has urged his fellow bankers to adopt realistic banking ads that reflect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Babak Dorbeigi, director of Parsian Bank’s Public Relations Office, said in an interview with ISNA that banking advertisements and TV commercials should accord with the public taste.

“[Banks’] public relation departments should enhance their public services,” he said.

“In the past, banks were after major customers with enormous deposits but today, considering developments in technology and electronic services, small- and medium-sized customers—like startups and knowledge-based companies—form a big number of bank customers.

“We should pay more attention to the content of the ads to convey a good feeling, letting the audience identify with them. The majority of people cannot identify with a bunch of wealthy people in a luxurious setting—a common trend in banking ads these days.”

Elaborating on public relations strategies, Dorbeigi said, most advertising agencies consider PR offices merely as money suppliers, while we work to manage earnings.

He pointed to a “creative economy” and its potential for inspiring ads, like video games, movies and applications, and hoped PR offices would make use of these mediums.

A creative economy is based on people’s use of their creative imagination to increase an idea’s value.

Dorbeigi heralded upcoming changes in Parsian Bank advertisements, saying their biggest concern is to best designate bank branches and serve customers in line with technological advancements.