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Zanjan: Iran’s Mineral-Rich Province

Zanjan: Iran’s Mineral-Rich ProvinceZanjan: Iran’s Mineral-Rich Province

Zanjan is home to more than 80% of minerals found in Iran, says the head of the province’s Economic Affairs and Finance Organization.

“Zanjan boasts the largest lead and zinc mine in the Middle East, substantial reserves of alunite, gold, kaolin, industrial sand, feldspar, common and industrial salt, perlite, talc, bentonite and silica,” IRNA quoted شAbolfazl Abbaschian as saying.

He also noted that the manufacturing units in Zanjan produce zinc and lead ingots, decorative stones, zinc alloy and powder, adding that plans are underway to establish a magnesium processing plant to exploit the dolomite reserves in the province.

“There are still untapped areas in the province’s mineral processing plants that can be invested in, such as silica, feldspar, chalk, lime and decorative stone manufacturing units,” he said.