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Call for Enhanced ICT Standards

Call for Enhanced ICT Standards
Call for Enhanced ICT Standards

Unless a country observes international standards, it cannot achieve development goals, said the minister of communication and information technology on Saturday.

Attending a conference on “Information and Communication Technology and Standards”, Mahmoud Vaezi said that the issue of globalization has always been faced with challenges in the fields of culture, economy, law, and policy, while the globalization of standards cannot be challenged.

“No country in the world is totally dependent on its own products (for survival),” said Vaezi, arguing that if international standards are not observed, the products will fail in the market.

He asserted that four factors of quality, standard, competitiveness, and development help a product succeed in international markets.

The minister further asserted that quality and standards are interrelated, and that once the quality of a product is to be enhanced, the required standards need to be precisely observed.

The minister said a Standards and Quality Control Office had been established in the ministry in 1995.

The office was primarily mandated with controlling the quality and standards in the sector, said Va’ezi, “however it was dissolved a few years ago” by the previous government.The minister said that he is determined to revive the office.

The ministry of ICT has also proposed formulating a specialized encyclopedia in the field of ICT, developing and updating national standards, and establishing a specialized customs clearance service for ICT products among other things in a bid to enhance the quality of the sector, the minister said.