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18KT of Agricultural Products in IME

18KT of Agricultural Products in IME18KT of Agricultural Products in IME

Close to 18,500 tons of commodities were offered at Iran Mercantile Exchange’s agricultural trading floor on Sunday. As IME reported, the oil and petrochemical trading floor played host to 1,400 tons of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and caustic soda, 86,697 tons of polymers, chemicals, vacuum bottom, bitumen and lube-cut oil.  Around 2 tons of portulaca oleracea, 14,000 tons of bitumen 6070 and 100 tons of roof insulation were offered on the export trading floor. The industrial and mining trading floor featured 738 tons of rebar offered by Isfahan Steel Company and priced at 14,000 rials per kg in addition to 22,600 tons of copper wire, copper cathode and low-graded copper, 140 tons of molybdenum sulfur and 8 tons of precious metal concentrates by National Iranian Copper Industries Company. The floor also filed 2,000 tons of aluminum ingots of 99.75-percent purity by Hormozal Aluminum Company and 500 tons of zinc ingots by Sane Rooy Zanjan Company. Overall, more than 143,000 tons of commodities were supplied in IME’s spot market on Sunday.