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IME Monthly Trade at $761m

IME Monthly Trade at $761mIME Monthly Trade at $761m

Iran Mercantile Exchange played host to the trading of more than 1.69 million tons of various commodities worth more than $761 million in its spot market in July. According to a report from IME, the traded commodities included 804,000 tons of goods worth more than $378 million on the oil and petrochemical trading floor, 735,000 tons of different products worth around $304 million on the metals and minerals trading floor, and approximately 158,000 tons of agricultural products worth $78 million on the agricultural trading floor. The export trading floor witnessed the trade of 165,000 tons of bitumen worth more than $58 million, 1,600 tons of roof insulation worth over $0.7 million, as well as 260,000 tons of iron ore worth about $4 million.