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Call for Apt Mineral Price Setting

Call for Apt Mineral Price SettingCall for Apt Mineral Price Setting

Deputy head of Geology and Mineral Explorations Organization, Behrouz Borna, believes an appropriate price setting for mineral products by the government or the stock market could help mitigate the losses borne by manufacturers, which are pushing them to sell unprocessed minerals.

“The mining industry is currently stagnant and needs government support to find new domestic and foreign markets for the mineral products,” he was quoted by Eghtesad News as saying.

He called on the government to implement policies in the sixth five-year economic development plan (2016-21) to fortify the domestic market and expand exports.

Borna also pointed to mining industry’s potential and said: “The process of mineral explorations was hampered over the past years, but we are currently equipped with aerial exploration and geophysical technologies that enable us to explore mineral reserves more effectively.”