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IME Weekly Trade Report

IME Weekly Trade Report
IME Weekly Trade Report

More than 392,000 tons of commodities were offered on the sport market of the Iran Mercantile Exchange valued at $278 million during the week ending Oct. 9, the IME’s international affairs and public relation said.

The report stated that 114,000 tons of various metals and minerals were traded on the domestic and export trading floors at the IME, valued at $84 million. Besides, 98,000 tons of steel commodities, 13,000 copper, 400 tons of coke, 100 tons molybdenum concentrate, 6 tons of precious metals concentrate, and 10 kilograms of gold bullion were offered to the customers at the same trading floor.

In addition, 274,000 of various commodities, valued at $192 million, were offered at the oil and petrochemical export trading floor to the potential customers.

Furthermore, 163,000 tons of bitumen of different grades, 41,000 tons of polymers, 41,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 8,500 tons of lube-cut, 18,000 tons of chemicals, 1,320 tons of sulfur, 842,000 gases and feeds were also traded.

2,750 tons of maize, 350 tons of rice, 305 tons of barley, 100 tons of meal and 75 tons of sugar were also traded on the agricultural trading floor.

The volume of the trades at the spot market tumbled 29.72 percent compared to last week. Meanwhile, the value of the trades slipped by 20.15 percent compared to the same period last week.

A close inspection of commodity trades at the IME, shows that the trade of some commodities rose significantly compared to the same period last week.

Close to 400 tons of coke were traded as it recorded a 100 percent growth. Besides, sulfur trades surged by a 57.14 percent, bitumen hiked 48.75 percent and aluminum’s trade demonstrated a 30.69 percent growth compared to last week.

Given the report, maize and rice were not offered at the IME over the past week.