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Commodities at IME

Commodities at IME
Commodities at IME

Close to 466,000 tons of 47 types of commodities were offered at the spot market of the Iran Mercantile Exchange on Wednesday, SENA reported.

Given the market demand, 60,000 tons of iron rods were to be offered by Esfahan Steel Company - the largest steel producer in Iran, at the base price of 16,800 rials on the industry and mining trading floor. The company also offered 40,000 tons of iron beams 40 mm wide as well as 1,540 tons of rebars A3, A12 and A13 at the same trading floor.

Furthermore, 30,000 tons of slab C, with the base price of 14,320 rials were to be offered by Hormozgan Steel Company at the industrial and mining trading floor.

Also, 12,320 tons of rebars A3, A14 and A28 were to be offered by Khorasan Steel Complex Company on the same trading floor. And, 3,300 tons of hot plate as well as 3,200 tons of coke were offered on relevant trading floors.

The report also said that 10 kilograms of gold bullion of different types were offered by Mouteh Gold Complex.

Commodities were also offered at the export trading floor on Wednesday, as 129,500 tons of bitumen of different grades were traded to be shipped to foreign customers.

Some 6,000 tons of granulated sulfur as well as 3,000 tons of sulfur lumps were to be offered by petrochemical complexes at the export trading floor.

Various commodities were offered at the oil and petroleum trading floor at the IME, including heavy slack wax, acetic acid, terephthalic acid, sulfuric acid, linear alkyl benzene, industrial urea, argon, benzene baking soda, diethanolamine, 2-ethylhexanol, glycol, sodium carbonate, melamine crystal, monoethylene glycol, vinyl acetate and vacuum bottom.

The report also added that 2,500 tons of corn from western province of Kermanshah were to be offered at the agricultural trading floor. Besides, 1,000 tons of wheat feed from the southeastern province of Khuzestan as well as 1,000 tons of durum wheat from central province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad were offered at the same trading floor.

According to the report, a total of 466,000 commodities were to be traded at the spot market of the IME.

The IME was established on September 20, 2007 in accordance with the article 95 of the new law of the Securities Market of the Islamic Republic of Iran and following the merger of the agricultural and metal exchanges of Tehran.

The merger marked a new chapter in Iran capital market providing endless trading opportunities for the clients in and out of the country.