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Imported Car Prices Stable

Imported Car Prices Stable
Imported Car Prices Stable

Prices of imported cars remained unchanged last week as supply and demand balanced each other and also because of stability in exchange rates, ISNA reported.

Auto market analysts believe that considering a steady stream of imports accompanied by stability in the foreign exchange market (especially the free market rates for the US dollar), the auto market is moving onto the path of stability.

“A car is not an exclusive commodity and the ministry of industry, mine and trade has no plans to narrow the importing channels,” industry minister Mohammadreza Nematzadeh said on the sidelines of the 14th International Industries Exhibition.

 Domestic Production

Domestic car production indicated 73.5 percent growth in the month ending September 22, compared to the same period last year, after automakers announced that 114,973 cars of different models were produced, IRIB reported.

According to the report, sedans accounted for the lion’s share of car production in the same period as 97,255 of different models and brands were produced, demonstrating a dramatic 73 percent. More than 16,260 pickups were also produced last month.  

According to ISNA, the prices of some of the most popular imported cars in Tehran’s market are as follows: