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Tehran Leading Producer of Cement

Tehran Leading Producer of CementTehran Leading Producer of Cement

Tehran sits on rich resources of lime. Its geographical location allows for setting up one cement factory at every 100 kilometers. Currently, this densely-populated region is the biggest producer of cement in the country, according to Geological Survey of Iran Organization.

Tehran Cement Company, Faraz Firouzkouh Cement Co. and Shomal Cement Company are all located in Tehran Province and together offer great potential for production of more than 5.3 million tons of cement, IRNA reported.

Experts believe that for a mine to be economically feasible, it should supply 100 to 150 years of its factory’s needed raw material.

Iran ranked first in cement exports worldwide by exporting more than 19 million tons of cement last year, according to the vice president of Cement Industry Employers Association.

“Iran had a 7-percent share in the 4.1 billion tons of cement produced worldwide in 2014 while China accounted for 50% of the total,” said the official.