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Zanjan’s Mineral-Rich Angouran Mine

Zanjan’s Mineral-Rich Angouran MineZanjan’s Mineral-Rich Angouran Mine

Angouran Lead and Zinc Complex in Zanjan Province has the capacity to produce up to 120,000 tons of sulfide minerals, including sphalerite, lead glance and pyrite annually, according to the complex’s manager, Mansour Shabani.

Since 2006, more than 1.95 million tons of minerals have been extracted from Angouran reserves, including low-purity ore, carbonate-hosted lead-zinc ores and mineralized schist, ISNA reported.

A total excavation of more than 800 meters over the past three years has also led to the discovery of 30 million tons of travertine stone reserves that can be extracted immediately, Shabani said.

According to the official, other exploration operations planned in and around the mine include exploration of fluorine resources and assessing the existence of rare earth elements and metals such as cadmium, indium, silver, cobalt, arsenic and gallium.

Angouran mine is home to the country’s largest zinc and lead reserves with a zinc concentration of 26% and a lead concentration of 6%. Iran seeks to increase its lead and zinc production by implementing plans formulated by the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization.