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Need for Fighting Money Laundering

Need for Fighting Money Laundering Need for Fighting Money Laundering

Iranian banks can enhance public confidence if they fight against money laundering and help root out financial corruption, a move that can ensure banks’ safety, said CEO of Bank Keshavarzi (Agriculture Bank) Morteza Shahidzadeh on Wednesday. He emphasized on the importance of compliance with professional ethics as the main tool to combat money laundering, IRNA reported. “The financial and information technology departments are planning to establish a joint anti-money laundering body to help the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Central Bank of Iran eliminate corruption,” Shahidzadeh said. Ansar Bank was another private bank that held a meeting this week to find solutions to a campaign against money laundering. During the meeting that was attended by the bank’s executives as well as officials of the central bank and the ministry of economy, Ayatollah Ebrahimi, the CEO, elaborated on the measures his bank has so far taken to fight money laundering. Ebrahimi said they have launched new online systems called Negin and Kavosh that he said would help prevent financial crimes.