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Call for Liberalizing Cement Price

Call for Liberalizing Cement PriceCall for Liberalizing Cement Price

The managing director of Lamer Cement Company says it would be a prelude to liberalization of cement prices if the product enters Iran Mercantile Exchange. Ebrahim Gholamzadeh, head of Lamer Cement Company, told Tasnim news agency that the government is apparently reluctant to see the cement at the mercantile exchange as it seems to be losing control over the pricing mechanism.

Iran is the world’s fourth cement producer while it ranks sixth in consumption. Over 75 million tons of cement was produced in 2013 in Iran with a 5-million ton rise compared with 2012. During the past few months, the industry has been grappling with problems in exporting cement. Cement producers insist the industry will witness brighter future if the product is offered at the mercantile exchange.