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Serbian Tractor Manufacturer Seeks Cooperation

Serbian Tractor Manufacturer Seeks CooperationSerbian Tractor Manufacturer Seeks Cooperation

The deputy chairman of a Serbian manufacturer of agricultural machinery, Ivan Petrich, has invited Iranian tractor manufacturers for cooperation, IRNA reported.

Petrich made the call during a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to Serbia Majid Fahimpour. He said his company is counting on cooperation with the Iranian producers of agricultural machinery to find a third market.

The Industrial Motor Rakovica, according to Petrich, is in close collaborations with as many as 20 companies from India, Algeria, Russia, Libya, Morocco, Ukraine, France and Germany.

The Iranian envoy said despite western sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear energy program, the country has made remarkable progress in different industries, including automobile and tractor production.

Fahimpour stressed that Serbian industrial firms and commercial companies can count on the facilities and support of Iran’s Embassy in Belgrade.