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Investment Opportunities in Zanjan Mining Sector

Investment Opportunities in Zanjan Mining SectorInvestment Opportunities in Zanjan Mining Sector

The northwestern province of Zanjan offers vast opportunities for investment in mining activities and mineral processing industries, according to studies conducted by the Parliament Research Center.

Immense lead and zinc deposits in addition to feldspar, silica and iron ore reserves in the province create suitable potential for investment in the mining sector, Eghtesad-News reported.

Zanjan is also home to ample reserves of alunite, perlite, bentonite and decorative stones.

The report prepared by the research center’s office for energy, industrial and mineral studies suggests establishing downstream industries in the province that can process gangues from lead and zinc mines to extract rare earth elements.

The report also encourages investment in the production of various types of glass, iron and steel products, alloy steel, cement and decorative stones as well as extraction of gold, alunite and perlite.

Zanjan has access to the national rail and air networks, which facilitate the easy and inexpensive distribution of raw and processed materials to other parts of the country.

Investment on the development of mineral industries in the province can also lead to generation of employment opportunities for a large number of educated workforce in the province.

Iran’s largest potash mine, with proven reserves of 2 million tons, is located in Zanjan Province.