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Iran Mines, Mining Industries Confab

Iran Mines, Mining Industries ConfabIran Mines, Mining Industries Confab

The two-day Iran Mines and Mining Industries Conference wrapped up in Tehran on Monday. The IMIS 2015 was attended by a number of cabinet ministers, dozens of managers and consultants from 20 countries as well as hundreds of domestic key players in the mining and mineral industries. The event was described by many experts as a starting point for serious mineral cooperation between Iran and foreign corporations after years of economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear energy program. A variety of issues were discussed during the summit including mines and mining industries’ role in the economy, the sector’s outlook, investment opportunities and challenges and mineral industries’ commodities and trade. Since Iran and the West reached an interim nuclear agreement in Geneva in 2013, numerous offers have been received from globally-renowned mining companies such as Rio Tinto, MCC, Danieli and Hatch for investment in the mining sector.