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IME Export Floor Features 200KT of Iron Ore

IME Export Floor Features 200KT of Iron OreIME Export Floor Features 200KT of Iron Ore

Close to 200,000 tons of granulated iron ore, with the base price of $15 per ton, were offered by Sangan Iron Ore Complex on Iran Mercantile Exchange's (IME) export trading floor on Wednesday, IME reported. The export trading floor also played host to 44,650 tons of various grades of bitumen as well as 300 tons of roof insulation.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor saw the offering of 50,050 tons of various grades of bitumen, 48,250 tons of vacuum bottoms, 15,342 tons of chemicals, 4,300 tons of slap wax and 280 tons of liquidated argon gas.

The industrial and mining trading floor featured 15,000 tons of steel bloom offered by Khuzestan Steel Company and priced at 12,020 rials per kg. The company also expressed readiness to offer an extra 60,000 tons of the same commodity in case of increased demand. Isfahan Steel Company supplied 4,477 tons of mixed rebar bundles, 2,200 tons of mixed rebar A3, 14 and 28, and 726 tons of I-beam. The board also witnessed the offering of 1,500 tons of aluminum billet, and 1,020 tons of aluminum ingot alloy. About 200 tons of metallurgical coke by Zarand Coke Making & Tar Refinery Company, and 30 kg of various gold bullions by Mouteh Gold Complex were also offered on the same floor.