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Tehran to Host Confab on Monetary, Forex Policies

Tehran to Host Confab on Monetary, Forex PoliciesTehran to Host Confab on Monetary, Forex Policies

A two-day conference to discuss monetary and exchange rate policies will take place from May 31 until June 1 in Tehran. Farhad Nili, the head of Money and Credit Council, said the 25th annual conference seeks to explore key economic issues facing the country in the fiscal year ending March 19, 2016.  

The topic of this year’s forum is “Sustainable Single-Digit Inflation: Policy and Executive Requirements,” according to the council’s website.

Other topics to be debated during the gathering include the potential change in foreign exchange policies in accordance with declining inflation, increasing the foreign currency reserve and its relation to growth, the possibility of adopting a unified exchange rate regime, and exchange rate policies in a free-market economy as well as how to curb inflation at a time of plentiful foreign currency income.

The seminar’s keynote speakers include Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Ali Tayebnia, minister of economy and Masoud Nili, economic advisor to President Hassan Rouhani, while at least six foreign experts are also set to deliver speech.  

Nili also said two workshops on advanced economics and monetary policy will be conducted by renowned economists Gianluca Beningo, from London School of Economics and Pier Paolo Barbieri, a strategic advisor to the Institute for New Economic Thinking. During a special ceremony at this year’s event, the first encyclopedia of banking will also be unveiled.  The annual conference on money and exchange rate policy has been running since 1990.