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NICICO Copper Ore Extraction Tops $12m

NICICO Copper Ore Extraction Tops $12mNICICO Copper Ore Extraction Tops $12m

The Iranian National Copper Industries Company (NICICO) extracted copper ore worth more than $12 million in the month ending on April 22, according to data released by the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).

Also, Sarcheshmeh and Meydook copper companies in Kerman Province and Sungun copper mine in East-Azarbaijan Province extracted 5.8, 3.7 and 2.5 metric tons of copper ore respectively.

Sarcheshmeh was the leading company in sulfide ore extraction with 1.9 metric tons, followed by Sungun and Mydook, with 680,000 and 559,000 metric tons respectively.

Data shows that 20,796 metric tons of anodes was produced by Sarcheshmeh and Meydook companies during the month, with Sarcheshmeh accounting for 12,314 metric tons of the production.

Sarcheshmeh also produced 42,494 metric tons of copper concentrate, 381 metric tons of molybdenum concentrate as well as 53 metric tons of sludge containing gold and silver.

Copper cathode production in Sarcheshmeh’s refinery amounted to 13,529 metric tons, while Sungun and Meydook manufactured an aggregate of 970 metric tons of copper cathodes during the period.

Based on the data released by the ministry of industry, mine and trade, 194,000 metric tons of copper cathode was manufactured during the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20), indicating 3% increase over the preceding year, IRNA reported on Monday.  

The ministry is determined to reach 200,000 metric tons of copper cathode production and 51 million metric tons of copper ore extraction before the end of the current Iranian year on March 20, 2016.