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Serbian Tractor Co. Seeks Cooperation

Serbian Tractor Co. Seeks CooperationSerbian Tractor Co. Seeks Cooperation

Serbia’s oldest manufacturer of tractors, the Industrial Motor Rakovica (IMR), in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Belgrade, Majid Fahimpour, called on Iranian industrialists to resume ties with the company, IRNA reported.

“We exported 2,500 tractor engines to Iran Tractor Industrial Group (ITMCO) in 2008. We are keen to resume trade ties with Iran’s industrial and agricultural sectors,” the IMR manager, Zoran Radosavljevic, told Fahimpour in Novisad agricultural fair in Serbia. He added that his company can cooperate with the ITMCO to target a third market. Radosavljevic asked the ambassador to arrange a meeting with the ITMCO officials. The IMR manufactures 3,000 tractors per year while the Iranian side is also a major domestic producer of tractors and agricultural machinery. The ITMCO has 9 subsidiaries and two production lines in Venezuela and Tajikistan.

Earlier, the Vietnamese ambassador to Tehran also called for the import of Iranian tractors, saying they could find a good market in the southeast Asian country.

ITMCO produces 23 types of tractors with single and double differential gearboxes. The company has 7 subsidiary companies including two production lines in Tajikistan and Venezuela. The 47-year-old company also manufactures more than 70 types of engines used in agricultural, industrial, and automotive sectors.