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Kish Air Show Set for Mid-Nov.

Kish Air Show Set for Mid-Nov.
Kish Air Show Set for Mid-Nov.

The 7th edition of Iran International Air Show will be held in the Persian Gulf island of Kish in November, the event organizer told IRNA on Monday.

“This year’s air show aims to encourage the private sector to play a bigger role in the domestic aviation industry, improve the existing infrastructure and regulations, and develop the country’s airports,” Bijan Bonakdar said, adding that more than 80 expert-level meetings have been held since last year as a preliminary step in organizing the annual event.    

The air show represents a potential opportunity for both Iranian airlines and the international aviation industry, Bonakdar stated. Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier, AVIC and other international aircraft manufacturers are receiving invitations to attend the air show.

The domestic aviation industry expects the air show to help upgrade airport facilities and air traffic control systems, reduce congestion, and lower the risk of accidents in Iranian airspace.

Representative from Iran and 15 foreign countries, including Germany, Italy and France will take part in the 4-day event, which will kick off on November 17 in Kish Island, Hormozgan Province.

Since 1979, US-led sanctions have denied Iran access to new technology and spare parts needed to update and maintain its fleet of western aircraft.

The lack of parts has been a persistent challenge in the past 35 years for the engineers and technicians working for Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air. Sanctions have also limited other Iranian aircraft operators from obtaining modern technology, including avionics equipment and the parts needed for the regular maintenance of their commercial aircraft.

Despite sanctions, Iranian engineers have, in recent years, designed and manufactured commercial airplanes in cooperation with aeronautics companies from Russia and Ukraine. However, Iranian aviation officials admit that they still need major parts to be imported from western countries.

Iran’s aviation market needs at least 30 new aircraft immediately, as estimated by the director of Civil Aviation Organization, Alireza Jahangirian. The country may also need to purchase 40 new aircraft each year for the next ten years in order to fully meet the demand.

On Sunday, Jahangirian announced that Iran’s aviation industry is now allowed to receive technical support and spare parts for its aging fleet from Boeing and Airbus. The two giant aircraft manufacturers “are now transferring technical documents and information” to the Iranian side, he said.