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Gov’t Shares in Equity Market

Gov’t Shares in Equity MarketGov’t Shares in Equity Market

More than 31,000 governmental shares were offered by the Iranian Privatization Organization to the equity market within the first six-months of the year, which ended Sep. 22. Considering the values, 75 billion rials were offered at the Tehran Stock Exchange and close to 25,4 trillion rials were offered at Fara Bourse (over the counter). In addition, 1 billion rials were sold in other deals with respective traders as well as another 6.29 trillion rials, which were sold at auction, SENA reported. Within the same period of time, nearly 31.4 trillion rials were offered in block trades. 75 billion rials have been sold gradually, while 311 billion rials were offered to the preferred companies,i.e, those recognized by the law.