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New Indices at IFB

New Indices at IFBNew Indices at IFB

Iran Fara Bourse (IFB) is gearing up to reveal new indices which could significantly help investors hedge their bets by picking stocks more carefully, IFB public relations quoted head of IFB, Amir Hamouni as saying.

Recalling that the IFB’s main benchmark, IFX, was launched two years ago with only 46 listed companies from 21 industries, Hamoni said: “IFX, which is influenced by fluctuations in price and dividend per share (DPS),currently represents price and dividend index for 61 listed companies at the IFB’s first and secondary markets.”

He further noted that the overall index illustrates price fluctuation of all listed companies and is not influenced by the companies’ capital adjustments or DPS.

Referring to lack of trading volume limit and a 5 percent price fluctuation at the IFB, Hamouni noted that the IFB benchmark is more flexible than the Tehran Stock Exchange, making it more attractive for investors when it comes to tracking the market pace.

“More indices are scheduled to be launched in the near future in a bid to increase transparency for investors,” he added.