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Bitumen in IME Spotlight

Bitumen in IME SpotlightBitumen in IME Spotlight

The Iran Mercantile Exchange’s export trading floor listed the offering of about 32,300 tons of bitumen, 22,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 3,000 tons of lube-cut oil, and 1,600 tons of sulfur on Saturday trading, according to IME public relations. Bitumen and vacuum bottoms have been reigning over the export trading floor for a while now amid bullish demand in overseas markets. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), polyethylene, propane and bitumen were the main non-oil products sold overseas in April with China, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, India and Afghanistan being the export destinations. Meanwhile, the oil and petrochemical trading floor played host to 31,406 tons of petrochemicals from local petrochemical complexes. Ammonium, styrene butadiene rubber, monomer styrene, terephthalic acid, chloridric acid, nitric acid, high density aromatic, paraxylene, polyethylene, high density polyethylene, poly butadiene rubber, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and caustic soda were among the chief goods offered there. Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor witnessed the offering of 36,885 tons of corn, and 8,635 tons of rice by local suppliers. Overall, more than 141,000 tons of various goods offered by 38 local suppliers were listed on the board of IME’s spot market.