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Hustle & Bustle on IME Industrial Trading Floor

Hustle & Bustle on IME Industrial Trading Floor
Hustle & Bustle on IME Industrial Trading Floor

Monday trading at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) was accompanied by the offering of various commodities on the industrial and mining trading floor, IME public relations reported.

Calcimin Company offered 100 tons of zinc ingot 99.7-percent purity, and 100 tons of zinc ingot 99.5-percent purity with the base prices of 75,600 and 75,200 rials per kg respectively on the floor. In addition, 33,000 tons of hot-rolled plate C, 22,000 tons of hot-rolled plate B, 5,000 tons of cold-rolled plate B, 4,000 tons of galvanized sheet G, and 2,000 tons of tin-plate by Mobarakeh Steel Company were listed there. The floor also played host to 10 kg of gold bullion by Mouteh Gold Complex, as well as 660 tons of I-beam 12.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor featured 19,411 tons of various polymers offered by local petrochemical complexes. High and low density polyethylene, poly styrene, polypropylene, poly vinyl chlorides, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene were among the chief polymers listed there.

Moreover, 50,400 tons of various grades of bitumen were offered on the export trading floor.

Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor played host to 40,500 tons of corn, and 1,000 tons of soybean meal.

All in all, close to 184,000 tons of various commodities were supplied in IME’s spot market on Monday trading.