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Iran Biggest Steel Exporter to Iraq in 2013

Iran Biggest Steel Exporter to Iraq in 2013Iran Biggest Steel Exporter to Iraq in 2013

According to the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO), Iran was the biggest exporter of steel to Iraq in 2013, Fooladnews reported on Wednesday.

More than $187 million worth of steel was exported to Iraq, accounting for 3% of Iran's total exports during the period. Turkey, Ukraine, China, Jordan, Italy, India, Russia, South Korea and Germany were the other exporters of steel to Iraq.

Iran also seized the Iraqi market for goods such as salt, sulphur and decorative stones along with Turkey, Pakistan, India, Oman, China, Spain, and the US. The total export of these commodities to Iraq reached about $716 million in 2013, accounting for 11.8% of the total export.

Iran was also a major exporter of tile and ceramics to Iraq as it exported $437.18 million worth of the products to the neighboring country. China, Spain, Egypt, Italy, and Austria also exported tile to Iraq.

Iran-Iraq trade volume is currently at more than $12 billion. Officials from both sides are planning to increase the figure to $25 billion in the near future.

With 1,336 kilometers of border with Iran, Iraq is considered as one of the most important export destinations for Iranian goods besides Afghanistan.