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Semnan Accounts for 6% of World Gypsum Production

Semnan Accounts for 6% of World Gypsum ProductionSemnan Accounts for 6% of World Gypsum Production

Processing gypsum and using modern technologies to produce such valuable mineral would generate great profits for the country and especially the northern Semnan Province, which is the supplier of 6% of the world’s gypsum, said Ali Asqar Jom’ei, the chairman of Semnan chamber of commerce, industries, mines, and agriculture.

Jom’ei made the remarks during Monday’s expert preliminary session ahead of the 3rd Iranian National Gypsum Conference to be held in October. He said Semnan produces 80% of the country’s gypsum and 6% of the global gypsum products, adding that the academic centers in the country are expected to help develop new and efficient methods in producing and processing the mineral, Mehr news agency reported.

According to Jom’ei, modern technology in producing additives and preparing high-tech gypsum can create greater value added and help the country generate far more revenue.  

Iran is currently the third global producer of gypsum, by making 12 million metric tons per year, behind China and the United States. Although there are underground gypsum mines in many countries around the world, almost all the gypsum in Iran is extracted from quarries and surface mines.

Gypsum is found in most areas of the country with different qualities and geological value.