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MDF Production Grows 21%

MDF Production Grows 21%MDF Production Grows 21%

Iran produced 518,000 square meters of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) during the last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20), indicating 21% growth compared with the preceding year, announced an official from the ministry of industry, mine, and trade. The production of chipboard also grew by 4% during the period, reaching 960,000 square meters, IRNA quoted Parvin Nabati, the general manager of chemical and cellulose industries department, who predicted that mass production by two companies, namely Foomanat Chipboard and Artawood, would further increase the country’s annual MDF output. Pointing to the remarkable growth in MDF consumption over the past few years, Nabati stressed the need for adopting supportive policies to empower the domestic manufacturers. The country’s current MDF consumption stands at about 19 square meters for every 1,000 people while the global figure is 11.3 square meters.