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IME’s Bustling Agricultural Trading Floor

IME’s Bustling Agricultural Trading FloorIME’s Bustling Agricultural Trading Floor

Close to 4,000 tons of durum wheat offered by various local suppliers and priced at 11,880 rials per kg, along with 4,785 tons of corn, and 3,065 tons of rice were put up on the board of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME)’s agricultural trading floor on Sunday.

On the industrial and mining trading floor, Esfahan Steel Company offered 151,122 tons of I-beam 14, 101,122 tons of I-beam 16, 19,280 tons of I-beam 14-18, 4,000 tons of I-beam 20, and 1,078 tons of rebar bundle, the IME public relations office reported. Staying on the same floor, National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICIC) offered 4,000 tons of copper cathodes, with the base price of 193,451 rials per kg; 3,500 tons of copper wire, priced at 200,485 rials per kg; 30,000 tons of low-graded copper, 100 tons of molybdenum sulfur, and 12 tons of precious metals concentrate.

The floor also played host to 270 tons of copper wire with the base price of 201,035 rials per kg offered by World Copper Company.

Meanwhile, the oil and petrochemical trading floor featured 27,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 23,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 20,000 tons of bitumen, and 3,009 tons of different petrochemical commodities.

Elsewhere, the export trading floor witnessed the offering of 4,500 tons of various grades of bitumen, as well as 830 tons of roof insulation for export purposes.

Furthermore, 2 tons of break pad were offered in IME’s secondary market.

Overall, 411,000 tons of various commodities were offered in IME’s spot market, and secondary market.