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Bustling IME Trade in Nowruz

Bustling IME Trade in NowruzBustling IME Trade in Nowruz

The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) was bustling during the five working days of the new year (started March 21), with future trade volume and value recording 58 and 45 percent growth respectively compared to the same period last year.

According to IME’s public relations office, close to 23,469 future contracts on cumin and gold coins, worth almost 2.23 trillion rials were recorded during Nowruz holiday at the IME, accompanied by 58 and 45 percent growth for trade volume and value respectively.

Gold coin futures for November delivery were witnessing 18,095 contracts, valued at almost 1.81 trillion rials, which topped the commodities traded at the IME within the said period.

The second popular contracts went to gold coin futures for September delivery, with 3,714 contracts, and valued at close to 365 billion rials.

The third and fourth place were recorded for gold coin future contracts for May and July, with 24 and 630 contracts, valued at more than 96 and 60 billion rials respectively.

The agricultural trading floor at the IME played host to 29,515 tons of corn from local suppliers on March 31.

The report also noted that 200 tons of coke was offered on the industrial and mining trading floor, and finally48,918 tons of commodities were offered on the oil and petrochemical trading floor.