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Irancell Wins Top Telecom Operator Awards

Irancell Wins Top Telecom Operator AwardsIrancell Wins Top Telecom Operator Awards

MTN-Irancell, Iran’s second largest mobile telecoms company by number of subscribers, has announced it won three golden trophies at the seventh Iranian Technology Stars Festival.

Innovation, popularity and customer support are the three fields that earned Irancell the title of Top Telecom Service Provider of the year 1393, for the seventh consecutive year.

According to Irancell’s public relations office, the ceremony of the seventh festival was held on March 11 in Shahid Beheshti University International Conference Center in presence of a  large number of ICT players.

Irancell took home the golden star trophy for The Most Popular Brand in Telecom services. It was also recognized as Top Telecom Service Provider by the judging panel based on the evidences and results of the filed surveys conducted.

Profitable investment, wide coverage, massive expansion of mobile Internet network in Iran, achieving a high rate of growth, providing state-of-the-art and value added services in line with the global trends, and the forthwith network upgrade to 3G and 4G were among the reasons for such recognition.

Irancell and MCI (Hamra-e-Aval) along with a newcomer to the market, Rightel, have begun preparations for number porting, where consumers can transfer their cell number between each network.

Number porting and a possible fifth operator license for 4G services being offered by the ministry of telecommunications in the new Iranian year are likely to begin by summer of next Iranian year.

At the end of November 2014, the ministry granted both MCI and Irancell licenses to offer third and fourth generation mobile phone services to compete with the growing competition from the 3G only Rightel.