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Iron Ore Dominates IME Export Trading Floor

Iron Ore Dominates IME Export Trading Floor Iron Ore Dominates IME Export Trading Floor

Monday trading at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) witnessed the offering of 50,000 tons of iron ore by the Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mines Complex, priced at $22 per ton, on the export trading floor.

According to IME public relations office, the export trading floor also played host to 28,500 tons of various grades of bitumen.

The industrial and mining trading floor featured 4,460 tons of I-beams as well as 15,070 tons of mixed rebar bundles, supplied by Esfahan Steel Company. In addition, 10 kg of gold bullions were offered by Mouteh Gold Complex.

About 32,300 tons of bitumen for various applications, 1,000 tons of sulfur, and 762 tons of polymers were supplied to local customers on the oil and petrochemical trading floor.

Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor played host to 215 tons Russian barely, 340 tons of soybean meal from Argentina, and 1,000 tons of chickpea. Meanwhile, as the IME reported on Monday, more than 155,000 tons of commodities worth around $60 million were traded in the mercantile exchange on the prior trading day.

With more than a million tons of various commodities, Sunday marked the highest amount of daily offering at IME in one year.