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Golgohar Development in New Phase

Golgohar Development in New PhaseGolgohar Development in New Phase

Operations have started in Golgohar iron ore mine’s 5th mineral reserve, which is estimated to hold at least 24 million metric tons of iron ore, the Iranian Mines and mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization’s (IMIDRO) public relations office reported.

A consortium, composed of five private sector companies – Mahan Industries and Mines Development Corporation, Bonab Steel Industry Complex, Mobin Mining and Road Construction, Fater, and Atiyeh Saba Investment Company – won the tender for exploiting the mine’s 5th mineral reserve last December. The consortium has started the preliminary operations to remove the mine’s overburden prior to extraction.

The development plan, near Sirjan in southeastern Kerman Province, has been undertaken in line with the IMIDRO’s new policies which encourage the private sector’s participation in the mining sector. IMIDRO officials expressed hope that the consortium can meet the organization’s objective to finish the removal of overburden and start extracting iron ore within two years.

Based on IMIDRO’s plans, the extracted iron ore from the new development phase of Golgohar reserve will be used to produce 26 million tons of iron ore concentrate and 17.5 million tons of iron ore pellets.