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New Travel Restriction in SEZs

New Travel Restriction  in SEZs  New Travel Restriction  in SEZs

Based on a resolution passed by the cabinet, cars with engine displacements of over 2,500 cc will no longer be allowed to travel outside the special economic zones, IRNA quoted the presidential website as reporting. A cabinet meeting, headed by the vice president Es’haq Jahangiri, arrived at the decision on Wednesday based on the proposals made by a few executive organizations. Earlier, cars in special economic zones could travel within a 120-kilometer radius in some regions after paying the legal taxes and tolls. Under the law for free trade, industrial, and special economic zones; the goods, including cars, are tax-exempt. Due to their proximity to provincial capitals such as Tabriz and Ahwaz, thousands of foreign luxury cars are taken out of the special economic zones on a daily basis and driven in large cities. The country has totally banned the import of cars with more than 2,500 cc displacement, except for special zones.