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MP Critical of Trade in Mine Exploitation Licenses

MP Critical of Trade in Mine Exploitation LicensesMP Critical of Trade in Mine Exploitation Licenses

Head of the parliament’s research center, Kazem Jalali criticized the trade of mine exploitation licenses, describing it as a serious obstacle to economic activities in the mining sector. He made the remarks speaking at a meeting in Semnan Province on Wednesday, IRNA reported.  

The parliamentarian, who represents the cities of Shahroud and Mayamei in Semnan Province, had earlier criticized the “brokers who sell and buy mine exploitation licenses in the province.”

Noting that Semnan has great potential for mining and agricultural activities, the lawmaker urged the officials in the ministry of industry, mine and trade to resolve the issues.

Jalali further said the industry ministry is planning to revive the Abbasabad copper mine near Mayamei, in cooperation with the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).

He warned that the mining activities in Semnan should be in like environmental concerns, pointing to the wildlife conservation areas in the province.

Mineral companies in Semnan produce various products including steel billets, steel products, ferrosilicon and ferromanganese. Potassium is among other minerals produced in the province. While the country’s annual potassium consumption hardly reaches 300,000 tons, Semnan’s mines are expected to produce 300,000 tons of potassium per annum after the completion of mineral development plans in the province. The excess potassium would be exported, said Jalali.