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Cement Use

Cement UseCement Use

More than 62 million metric tons of cement was produced during 11 months of the current Iranian year (to end March 20), IRNA cited statistics by the ministry of industry, mine, and trade. Some 80% of the 62 million was used domestically while the remaining 20% was exported. The cement sector also produced 64.1 million tons of clinker – the raw material to produce cement – over the same period. The production of cement during the last month of the 11-month period stood at 4.79 million tons, while clinker production amounted to 2.85 million tons in the same month. Cement exports are expected to reach 18 million tons by the end of the current year (March 20) with no significant difference compared to last year. Iran is the fourth global producer of cement and the biggest producer in the Middle East.