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Kish Hosts Nanotech Event

Kish Hosts Nanotech EventKish Hosts Nanotech Event

Authorities on the Persian Gulf Island of Kish have announced that the first edition of the Asian Nano Forum has kicked off in the presence of Mohammad Farhadi, minister for science, research and technology, according to the free zone’s website.  

Researchers from 22 countries will present over 1,000 articles on nanotechnology and energy, nanotechnology and the environment, and nanotechnology and safety during the four-day event.

About 900 foreign scholars and scientists in the field of nanotechnology, including 30 researchers from the United States, Germany, England, Italy, Canada, Australia and Japan have attended the conference.

The forum’s mission is to promote responsible research and development of nanotechnology that educationally, socially, environmentally and economically benefits each economy by fostering international network and collaboration.

ANF tends to organize Asian Nano Forum Conference annually in one of the member countries to strengthen regional coordination and exchange scientific information.

During the conference, 18 specialized panels will be held, among which six panels are related to energy section, four to health and hygiene, five to water and environment and three to standard and safety.