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New File-Sharing Site

New File-Sharing SiteNew File-Sharing Site

A new local file-sharing site has come online in Iran called, allowing Iranian web users to pay for online cloud file storage previously unavailable.

The website states that new users are able to sign for a free 120 gigabyte of storage and also use the site for larger storage of files and hosting for a fee.  

The service offers users a way to make money also by sharing certain files for a fee.

The new site similar to Google and Dropbox offers Iranian users large file hosting from local servers at 40-100 thousand rials a month.

The prices go up incrementally as the user requires more and are also offered a discount rate if they pay for a year up front. manages to fill the void in the market that foreign companies have had to avoid due to US sanctions.  

The new service also takes advantage of Iran’s growing online community of web developers and e-commerce stores, which struggle to pay for large amounts of data hosting due to restriction on the Iranian banking system.

So far Tizfile has had the advantage against its US competitors, but as sanctions on transactions between Iranian users and American companies disappear it is likely that American or European companies will enter the growing local market.