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E-Commerce Promotion For Nowruz

E-Commerce Promotion For NowruzE-Commerce Promotion For Nowruz

A new government-sponsored website has come online in the weeks running up to the Iranian New Year period. Called the new temporary website hopes to promote the use of online shopping as an alternative to the usual hustle and bustle of shopping running up to the festive period, Sarmad news reported on Monday.  

The web shopping site says it aims to provide a completely safe environment for shopping through the festive season, with no geographical restrictions of people purchasing items through their hosting site, and that all businesses around the country can participate in the event.

The special site has special discount offers from a wide range of Iran’s online businesses, including electronics suppliers, home furnishing and kitchen equipment and beauty retailers to name a few.

The e-shopping festival is also being support by the logo, which acts as Iran’s sole authority offering safe online transactions and is operated by the ministry of telecommunications.

The site is also being supported by Iran’s growing online media operators, including Anetwork and Telewebion.

The online shopping festival has been called a “new experience” for Iranian shoppers and will offer large discounts to many shoppers from many of Iran’s well known e-retailers up until March 9.